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South Africa: A world in one Country, from snow in the Drankensberg Mountains to the desert of the Karoo and Kalahari.

Animals abound in South Africa, the Big Five in most areas, and most important the areas we hunt are safe, secure and Malaria free. Yes, the Eastern Cape is home to a myriad of animals both endemic and exotic and the Northern Cape is where we track Lions, the King of all Beasts.

Come and visit, enjoy our warm hospitality, great hunting, and friendships formed under an unforgetable African sky.

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South Africa map

Hunts are conducted in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape of South Africa.


South Africa Hunting Safari 2023 Price List

(All prices quoted in US Dollars)


1 Hunter / 1 PH $500/Day
2 Hunters / 1 PH $400/Day
Non Hunting traveling day $250/person/Day
Observer $$250/Day
Rifle Hire $150/hunt plus ammo
Dog Pack $200/day/session
Pedator Calling $200/session
Shotgun Hire $150/day/session plus ammo
Trophy Handling $250/safari


Baboon $250   Lynx $2,000
Buffalo $13,500   Monkey $100
Bontebok $2,800   Nyala $3,000
Blesbuck - Common $550   Oribi $3,100
Blesbuck - White $750   Ostrich $450
Bushpig $1,000   Reedbuck - Common $2,000
Bushbuck $1,250   Reedbuck - Mountain $650
Cape Eland $3,000   Sable From $4,500-$6,500
Cape Grysbok $2,500   Springbuck - Common $350
Red Hartebeest $1,350   Springbuck - White $950
Cape Kudu $2,150   Springbuck - Black $700
Duiker - Common $350   Springbuck - Copper $1,500
Duiker - Blue $1,950   Steenbuck $500
Fallow Deer $750   Vaal Rhebuck $1,900
Gemsbok $1,350   Waterbuck $2,500
Giraffe $3,500   Warthog $800
Impala $500   Wildebeeste - Blue $1,350
Jackal $50   Wildebeeste - Black $1,350
Klipspringer $1,950   Zebra $1,350
Lechwe $3,000   Zebra - Cape Mountain $4,200


  • Any wounded animal must be paid for in full.
  • Prices subject to change withouth notice.
  • Additional Costs:
    • Gratuities
    • 15% Government Tax
    • Dip, pack, documentation and Transport of Trophies
    • Hotel Accommodations before or after the Safari
    • Alcoholic Drinks

For more information regarding hunting in South Africa, please contact Scott Guthrie. Scott will happily discuss your hunting wishes and help you set up your individualized African hunting experience.